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PostSubject: Genocide   Genocide EmptySun Jan 02, 2011 2:49 pm

Wrestler Name: Genocide
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 452
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 11/03/1992
Ethnicity: White
Alignment (Face/Heel/Neutral(Please Describe If They Lean Towards More Heel or Face)):
Gimmick: Bully
Personality (Mannerisms, The Way They May Act): Vicious, Dangerous
Wrestling Style (Hardcore/Technical/Aerial/Other & Please List!) :


Character Picture Base: Vader
Clothing Style: Navy/Gold Wrestling Singlet Wrestling Navy Wrestling Boots with gold laces and Elbow/Knee Pads and MMA Gloves.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Style: Short Black Buzz Cut

Genocide Pic_1152192537_8


Theme Music: here come the pain by slayer

Entrance Description & Details: air raid siren goes off as Here Come The Pain Intro starts as song start out walk Genocide pound his chest arms into the air right hand in the air in fist fire work going off as he get to the ring walking up the step get in under the top rope raised arm in the air ready to fight.

Taunt Poses:
The Devil Horns
Fist throwing elbow back like when he says yes
The Stare

Common Moves:
1). Belly To Belly side Suplex
2). Short Arm Clothesline
3). Forearm Club
4). press slam
5). Samoan Drop

Running Strikes:
1). Body Avalanche
2). Lariat
3). Shoulder Black
4). Kitchen Sink
5). Knee Trembler

Running Grapples:
1). Spinebuster
2). Powerslam
3). Drop Toe Hold
4). fall away slam
5). Belly To Belly

Counter Moves:
1). Enzuigiri
2). DDT
3). Knee to Midsection
4). Germansuplex
5). Northern Light suplex

Rebounding Moves:
1). German Suplex
2). Spring back cross body
3). Chokeslam
4). Spear
5). Spinning Backfist

1). Boston Crab
2). Camel Clutch
3). Dragon Sleeper

Aerial Moves:
1). Diving Clothesline of the 2nd rope
2). Corner Splash
3). Missile Dropkick
4). Diving headbutt 2nd rope
5). Leg Drop from the 2nd rope

Turnbuckle Moves:
1). Corner Splash
2). Punching Combination
3). Shoulder Thrust
4). Overhead chop
5). Punches to face

Trademark Moves:

1). Apocalypse slam (Bossman Slam

2). Midnight (Front Slam like Mark Henry world strongest slam


1). Black Death (Release powerbomb

2). Dooms ( Moonsault

EXAMPLE OF A ROLEPLAY(Please include a small roleplay of your character, to give us a brief idea of your style) :


Soon The XDF will see The Desecration I will bring and pain like no other. I will show no mercy I can't wait to hear you beg and scream for me to.....
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