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 bobby kingsley

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Bobby Kingsley

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PostSubject: bobby kingsley   bobby kingsley EmptyTue May 18, 2010 6:05 pm

Wrestler Name:Bobby Kingsley
Nickname/Alias: Excellece of Ellegence
Alignment: face with heel tendices at moments
Gimmick: a former soccer player turned pro wrestler
Personality: Cocky, errogant and plays to the fans,,
Wrestling Style (Hardcore/Technical/Aerial/Other & Please List!) : striker, lots of kicks, technical


Character Picture Base: orton
Clothing Style: dress to impress on most occasions
Eye Color: green
Hair Color/Style: shaved


Theme Music: Godsmack - Good Day to die
Entrance Description & Details: the lights dim as the music plays, smoke complies at the entrance way as Kingsley comes out of the fog wearing his signature hoodie. strutting to the fans applause. he slides into the ring and poses on the top turn buckle as he flips his hood back....


Common Moves: Stong kicks,punches. ddt, powerslam, grappling and striking moves
Running Strikes: clothline, cross-body, spining kick
Running Grapples: russian leg sweep, side-effect.
Counter Moves: one hand RKO, Boom Kick. Neckbreaker
Rebounding Moves: kick to the face from the ground, ddt, back breaker
Submissions: arm bar-crossface, head-scissors arm bar
Aerial Moves: flying elbow, spin kick
Turnbuckle Moves: hard kicks, vertical suplex off the ropes, running RKO

Trademark Moves:
1- Cross Attack- (reversal move) Hard kick to the chest knocking dazed oppunent up straight, one legged code breaker

2- Red Zone = running knee to the head followed by a one hand neckbreaker


Main - X-Factor- Dreamstreet
option 2 - Crowned- running RKO from corner
submission - Royal Pain - Dragon Sleeper
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bobby kingsley
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