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 Aprille Showers

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Lauren Winters
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PostSubject: Aprille Showers   Aprille Showers EmptySun Apr 25, 2010 7:59 pm

Wrestler Name: Aprille Showers
Nickname/Alias: None
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 125 lbs
Age: 25
Date of Birth: April 19th, 1985
Ethnicity: White
Alignment (Face/Heel/Neutral(Please Describe If They Lean Towards More Heel or Face)): Face
Gimmick: Charming young lady who has made her return after 2 years into a wrestling ring.
Personality (Mannerisms, The Way They May Act): Polite, Reserved, Attractive, Flirty at times
Wrestling Style (Hardcore/Technical/Aerial/Other & Please List!) : Aerial/Technical


Character Picture Base: Maria Kanellis
Clothing Style: Stylish, sexy
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: Red, a little wavy.


Theme Music: Fireflight - Unbreakable
Entrance Description & Details:

[["Unbreakable" begins to blare through the PA system as the lights dim pink and red down the ring. Aprille Showers greets the audience in the center of the entrance ramp as she blows them a kiss, followed by a wink as she waves her arm in the air to the audience. She begins to run down the ring, occasionally going to each side of the ramp to greet some audience members. She climbs up the stairway to the ring and goes to the center outside of the ring, placing one leg in the ring through the middle rope as she rocks her body back for a moment in a pose as the cameras begin to flash like crazy. She smiles as she bends down and enters the ring, heading to the closest turnbuckle and climbing to the top, lifting her arms to the air as she waves to her audience. She turns and hops down as she waits for her opponent.]]

Taunt Poses: Wink with a kiss, a playful shrug to the audience


Common Moves:

Elbow Jabs to the face
Knee to gut

Running Strikes:

Spear followed by punches
Spinning heel kick
Tornado DDT
Dash elbow
Shining wizard

Running Grapples:

Spinning facebuster
Arm drag
Belly to belly
baseball slide

Counter/Rebounding Moves:

Leg Drop Reverse DDT
Eye Poke
Fireman's Carry
Roll up From behind
Back chop


Heel Hook(laying down anklelock)
Cover leaf

Aerial/Turnbuckle Moves:

Bulldog off the top rope
Hurricarana off the top rope
450 Splash
Starship Pain
Jumping dropkick off top rope
Shooting Star Leg Drop

Trademark Moves:

Lightning Crash(aka Crufix Neckbreaker)
Beauty in Nature (aka Hammerlock DDT)
The Aftermath(aka French TKO)


Thunderstorm(aka High Note from the top rope(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW0NuXClqM4&feature=fvste2 # 30))
Reality Check(aka Extreme Twist of Fate)
Clearing Skies (aka Moonsault)

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Aprille Showers
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